Collaboration in CUPID Lab

To continue with CUPID week, today I’ll be discussing collaborative projects in CUPID classes.

During my time at Elon, I’ve taken eight classes that took place in the CUPID lab. The one thing all of these classes have in common is the highly collaborative atmosphere of the course work. One project  that I was involved in was the North Carolina Wild Cat Project, which began in English 397: Writing as Inquiry.  This project had students working in several different small groups to research and write material for an informative website.

For those of you who haven’t had a collaborative project in the lab, CUPID has a variety of features that makes collboration in small goups easy. My favorite is the screen sharing technology within each pod that allows students to display one screen above the pod. During the Wild Cat Project, we used this technology for collaborative writing and peer editing. I found that these screens helped group communication, as well; since sharing documents was quick and easy, we were more open to asking teammates for help or feedback than I imagine we would have been if the document was confined to our personal computer.

All of my CUPID lab projects have contained similar forms of collaboration, which has led me to wonder how I or any PWR student would negotiate collaboration in a classroom outside of the lab. What technology from CUPID would you miss most in a collaborative project? How do you write collaboratively in non-CUPID classes?

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