Client Challenges: My Experience in CUPID Studio

This week is CUPID Week! Today, I’m going to kick off our themed week with a reflection on my experiences in CUPID Studio.

I took CUPID Studio as a freshman, eager to jump into the PWR major. I knew the class entailed creating documents, but I didn’t realize how client-centered our projects would be. I worked in a group of five with the Public Health Major Coordinator to create four deliverables to publicize Elon’s new Public Health major. One of these deliverables was a display that the coordinator would use at College Coffee and Celebrate Week to draw attention to the benefits of majoring or double majoring in Public Health.


Our trifold template

When meeting with our client, she emphasized that she wanted this display to be a trifold, like what they use in high school science fairs. My partner on this deliverable and I were not too thrilled with this idea, but it forced us to think outside of the box to create a professional display without just sending a file off to be printed into a poster. We created a template in Google Drive’s Presentation and worked with Office Depot to print three large panels to paste to the board. Ultimately, the trifold turned out very well and I’m proud to say that our client loved it.

This experience taught me a lot about working with clients. You may not agree with your client, but the client has the final say and this isn’t a bad thing! Clients can open you up to new ideas and challenge you to find innovative ways of achieving a goal.

Something to think about: How have your clients challenged you to try new technologies or strategies in the creation of your documents?

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