Brand Renovation: Is It All About Timing?

Hello readers! Welcome to a new month and a new week of CUPID posts, all dedicated to visual rhetoric. Between traditional rhetoricians like philosophers and modern rhetors like politicians, rhetoric is often associated with speeches, written text, and other forms of oratory practice. However, the use of powerful images, well-used fonts and countless other visual stimuli are a necessity, particularly nowadays. A black and white resume straight from Microsoft Word doesn’t cut it, nor do forgetful logos or inappropriate professional photos. Successful use of visual rhetoric is just as important as traditional oral communication.

elondiningCompanies and organizations in particular utilize visual rhetoric on a regular basis, when creating and redesigning their personal brand with visual components. Yet, the timing of brand renovation can differ greatly, leading one to consider when and why renovation takes place. For example, Olive Garden (a part of the Darden corporation) released a new logo this week as a part of their “brand renaissance” 1. Also, Elon Dining Services recently released their newly designed website. Further, extensive visual reformations can occur on a regular basis (like Starbucks or McDonalds) whereas others take place less often with less changes (like Apple or Coca-Cola) 2.

A number of CUPID Studio and other PWR classes have composed logos and other visuals for many organizations on campus and within Alamance County. Visit the CUPID website to see some of those projects!

It appears that organizations pursue brand renovation for many reasons. Some, like Darden, recognize the necessity for Olive Garden’s revival after a year of less than favorable performance. Comparatively, Elon Dining Services utilized their update to continue delivering the best information to their audience, and embody its organizational culture. Whether out of necessity or for fun, visual branding is a necessary, creative component of organizational culture.

To learn more about visual branding, don’t miss the CUPID Associates’ Visual Branding Lunch on Wednesday at 12:15! Come out to the Studio for a free meal and a collaborative workshop on how to utilize visual branding in professional documents.


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