My Time as a CUPID Associate

During my time as a CUPID Associate I have enjoyed working with Hillary and Taylor on developing the marketing documents and videos for the workshops put on this year. As the Workshop Coordinator it was my responsibility to develop the personal & professional development workshops hosted by the Center for Undergraduate Publishing Information & Design (CUPID. I did this by working with Hillary and Taylor to create flyers and videos to market the content of the workshops.

As a senior, balancing Advanced CUPID Studio on top of my classes, internship and post-Elon planning was challenge to say the least. Yet doing that while being prompted to write blog posts has allowed me to find my preferred and most productive writing style of pen and paper. For a while I have known that I am a visual learner, but I now know that I also have to be a visual leader and teacher to both myself and others in order to get things done as a team.

My advice to all PWR majors would be that if you want to find out what is your preferred writing style ask friends or personally reflect about your writing style. To really find it helps to put yourself in a position where your writing abilities will be challenged by responsibilities due with the reality of limited time & energy. Though it sounds daunting (and slightly intimidating), you can take my word for it (which is worth a lot as an English major) that the CUPID Associate program is the perfect place to find your writing style as a professional writer and rhetorician.




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