Working on Workshops

In my Creative Writing class we would workshop our drafts before we submit the final draft to our professors. As a CUPID Associates in Advance CUPID Studio we’ve been working on  potential workshops for this semester before presenting them to the student body. After several conversations, we’ve decided to revolve year’s workshops around two themes: online personal branding and professional development with a specific focus on arts & science majors. We plan on covering these themes by discussing  personal branding strategies to use on Digication and professional development strategies on LinkedIn.

In our conversations we discussed the difficulty arts & science majors face when attempting to display their work online. Artist struggle explaining their work (and skills) to their potential graduate schools and employers. While Scientists struggle to explain what they do (or want to do) to anyone outside of their subject area due to a dual learning curve for the speaker and their audience. To solve both of these problems we agreed that as professional writers and rhetoricians we could help align the message students want to send to potential employers or graduate schools with their personal/professional ethos. As the workshop coordinator it was left to me to decide what would be our final product.

I am pleased to announce that this semester we will be having a workshop on e-portfolio management using Digication on October 29th at 6pm in Alamance 318; and two weeks later on November 7th at 6pm we will be having a workshop on managing one’s LinkedIn profile.

For an example of a Digication site visit:

For an exemplary LinkedIn profile visit:


Linkedin PictureHope to see you there!Digication

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