Editing Videos Is Fun…If You Know How

Videos are very useful forms of media in that they introduce a new aspect to a website, project or particular campaign. They offer both a visual and auditory component that you can’t receive with just plain text. As a CUPID Associate, I am responsible for creating video content for the blog but am a novice in the art of filming and video editing. Right now, I am in the process of creating a video for the blog that informs Elon students on the benefits of the CUPID Lab and why they should stop by to work on projects.

I have been working with the Windows Movie Maker software in the lab and I will be honest, it was quite hard to get used to. The software itself is very simple, but may have been too elementary for me because there were no concrete instructions for how to begin creating a video project. To begin, I played around with the footage that I had, which consisted of fellow Associates Hillary and Immanuel answering the question, “Why should students visit the CUPID lab?”, and more footage from inside the lab, showing the computers as well as the space and the seating.

After working with the software for a couple of hours, I was able to put something together that roughly resembled a working video. It is a tentative and unfinished edit, but I am continuing to work on it with the help of a number of informative yet brief YouTube tutorials on the subject. Even with the slight frustration associated with the lack of guidance attached to the software, there is a certain excitement about venturing into unknown territory. When the video is complete, it will be added to the blog, along with others that I plan on creating in the upcoming months.

Are you currently working on any video content for a project or personal pleasure? What editing software are you using? What do you feel are some benefits of implementing video content?

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