Planning for the Future

Guest Blogger Nya Upshur ’16

NyaA portfolio seems like a basic thing to construct, but it is different for everyone. There are some who are preparing to enter the job field and need something that can be submitted right away, and there are others who are greatly lacking in material to include.

I fall under that second category. As a first year student at Elon, I have no job experience that I want to be defined by, and while I have lots of papers from high school that I spent weeks procrastinating on and a few stressful hours completing, including a college assignment with essays on peanut butter is not an ideal situation.

However, I do have a portfolio to my name. It is a work in progress, appropriately deemed a “working portfolio.” I have no idea what future potential employers will want to see from me, but I do know how my mind works. So I constructed a portfolio with the idea that somewhere down the road, a future version of myself will be preparing for a job interview, realize that she has nothing that can get across all of her true potential, and then recall the class assignment of all class assignments that brought every one of her papers together.

My portfolio is a copy-and-paste extravaganza of everything I have completed relevant to my major. While this is not something that should be handed in to a professional (make it neater with some links to PDFs of the papers), it is perfect for that version of me who cannot recall why I ever needed to draw lines between Euripides and Shakespeare, or why the memory of the first time I wanted to run away has a grade on it.

As long as you have an idea of who you are writing for, creating a portfolio is not as daunting as it may seem at first. Keeping that intended audience in mind will make it easy to decide how much detail to add and whether an assignment should be included or left to gather dust in the depths of your saved documents. And thanks to Elon, creating a portfolio is made even simpler by Digication tool found once you have logged in to your email (log in, look at the top toolbar and select the More… dropdown menu).

Best of luck on your professional or pre-professional journey, and if you need assurance that anyone can make a portfolio: here’s mine.

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