Life as an Intern at Watermen’s Hall


Christine Meyer, a previous CUPID Associate, is in London Interning for a company called Company of Watermen and Lightermen at Watermen’s Hall, where she is learning how her PWR classes are assisting in creating marketing materials for the company. She enlightens us about livery, which are various trade professions, hot cross buns, and her connections to PWR. Check out her experience below!

The world of livery is an entirely new world to me yet it is a world I have since found myself out since interning in London. I am the marketing intern for an exclusive catering and event planning company called Inn or Out who recently partnered with the livery company at Watermen’s Hall. If this appears confusing, you’re not alone. To be quite honest, I am still trying to wrap my head around the livery company, the liverymen, the various other Worshipful Companies, and even the seemingly insignificant elements of this foreign industry.

Nonetheless, I am intrigued by the workings of the company and have since told my American family and friends all about this quintessentially British business. Those who already know about livery companies chuckle at my excited descriptions and newness to this culture while my fellow unknowing friends indulge me in my musings.

Regardless, the Inn or Out internship at Watermen’s Hall has been fulfilling and one of my favourite parts of studying abroad while in London. From day one, my site supervisor Jennifer Young has been exceptionally wonderful in the entire learning process. Her constant feedback, flexibility and willingness to teach me anything and everything about livery and event planning has truly helped me gain a better understanding of the industry.

As I only intern Wednesday through Friday at Watermen’s, a typical Wednesday morning starts with a catch-up meeting with Jen in which we simply discuss Hall happenings, tasks for the week, marketing responsibilities, and various other hot topic matters that we feel like chatting about. Throughout the day, I work on developing the Watermen’s Hall brand through revamping the company’s website, building its social media presence, writing the newsletter, and other marketing materials. And of course sometime during the day, I am treated to the delights of English tea and biscuits while everyone playfully teases me when I ask what hot cross buns are. (Side note: Hot cross buns are the most delicious gooey treats in London).

So when I am happily sugared up, I go about my daily tasks. Routine shifts here at theHall and I am thankful for my ever-changing responsibilities and the Hall’s ever-changing guests. However, consistency marks itself in a few places such as the way I approach writing the marketing materials. And here is where Professional Writing and Rhetoric comes in. The feedback, skills, and experience I have gained during my PWR classes especially CUPID Studio with Professor Pope-Ruark has immensely and greatly impacted my work here with Inn or Out at Watermen’s Hall. At first, I picked up on these PWR connections slowly and obscurely. However after reflecting upon my internship experience in one of my classes, I began to realize how everything you learn in Professional Writing and Rhetoric classes correlates in job-oriented writing roles. The PWR connections range extensively from audience awareness to tone of message to speaking with the right style. I am so grateful I have had the opportunity to study abroad and experience working for a company. However, never take for granted the experiences and teachings from the classes right at Elon University.

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