Digital Humanities Speaker: Dr. Bill Hart-Davidson

bill hart davidsonThis Thursday, April 11th at 7:00PM, Dr. Bill Hart-Davidson will be speaking in LaRose Digital Theater about the relationship between digital humanities, writing and engaged scholarship. Dr. Hart-Davidson is an Associate Professor at Michigan State University in the Department of Writing, Rhetoric & American Cultures, and he currently Co-Directs the Writing in Digital Environments Research Center and Directs the Graduate Program in Rhetoric & Writing. The research that Dr. Hart-Davidson is conducting focuses on writing practices in digital spaces and the manner by which they can be understood and evaluated in order to create new and innovative technologies, learning strategies and opportunities.

In his presentation, which he titled “Digital Humanities:: Rhetoric And Writing A Vision of Digital Humanities as Engaged Scholarship” (the double colon being a visual pun for people familiar with web programming language), he will discuss two projects of his, one dealing with ancient texts and digital archives and the other focusing on ancient rhetorical theory, social networks, and the early detection and prevention of foodborne illness outbreaks. These diverse fields will be connected in a set of principles for engaged scholarship in the digital humanities. Dr. Hart-Davidson hopes students with all interests will be able to better understand this field and the manner by which engaged scholarship, digital spaces, and taking action are all intertwined.

Come out this Thursday and see how rhetoric plays a role in digital humanities and engaged scholarship!

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