The Writers’ Guild of Great Britain, Part I

Maggie Achey, a previous CUPID Associate, is live from London! Find out what she is doing for her internship in this two part blog series, and how her PWR knowledge is helping her in becoming a better employee.

46137_10151597280648508_1938473447_nHello, my name is Margaret Achey and I am studying abroad for a semester in London, England. For part of the term I am interning at The Writers’ Guild of Great Britain. I work three days a week for seven weeks. Already I have learned a great deal through the interactions and experiences at the Guild. Not only have I learned more about the world of Professional Writing, but also the culture of the British workplace.

First of all, I have picked up on many important writing tips, but one in particular was highly emphasized at the Guild. This idea is that names must be spelled correctly. It is essential in the world of professional writing that the first and last name of an author is correct. The name of a writer is their brand. It is the bridge of association built between reader and writer.  In my professional writing classes we discuss the idea of creating an image or a brand for oneself. In class it centered n design choices such as font or colors  but essentially it starts with the name. If a writer, whether print, visual media, or audible media wants to become successful, they must establish credibility with the audience. This acquisition of ethos can be achieved by genuinely good work being available to the public. The audience then begins to associate positive reactions to work with the author. The name therefore is the brand that gives the author credibility and is easily recognizable. If the name is spelled wrong, the author does not have the brand correlation and audience understanding.  I talked about this with my supervisor, Anne, and we discussed this idea of creating a brand. She explained how a few years ago an intern misspelled a name of an important writer in a document to the public. The writer was very frustrated and it looked unprofessional for the Writers’ Guild.

Not only that, but it is disrespectful and careless to get the name wrong. It is worth the extra minute when writing names to make sure they are spelled correctly. The other day I was looking up Writer’s Guild members and entering their addresses into a spreadsheet for a mailing. I had thought I completed the task and was about to send it off when I realized there was a misspelling. At that point I realized the necessity to look back over names and spellings before submitting important documents.

Working at the Writers’ Guild has also exposed me to the idea of paying attention to detail, especially names. It is great that I can see connections between my studies at the University and the internship. It is these correlations and observations that will make me a better employee.

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