Don’t Let Bad Grammar Hold You Back

Guest Blogger Allyson Lord ’13

As a senior about to graduate and head out into the real world, I have been aggressively working on my resume, drafting cover letters, and building my professional portfolio. I read the documents over, over, and over again keeping my eyes open for one main thing: grammatical errors. Grammar is scary. It can be difficult and confusing, and even a simple mistake can take credit away from a text, and therefore you. We are part of a society dominated by informal writing, but as young professionals, we must remember the importance of using correct grammar.

This article from the Harvard Business Review talks about a study that was performed to reveal the significance of using appropriate grammar. The company, Grammarly, reviewed LinkedIn profiles for 100 professionals in the consumer packaged goods industry. The study found that professionals with fewer grammar mistakes in their profiles achieved higher positions, and professionals with fewer promotions made 45% more grammar mistakes. The study also found that professionals who remained at the same company for more than 10 years made 20% more grammar mistakes, meaning that professionals either check their profiles in between jobs or people with better grammar are more ambitious. No matter the reason, the study clearly shows that good grammar aligns with professional success.

The article states that there are three main traits that potential employers see in people with good grammar: attention to detail, critical thinking ability, and intellectual aptitude. These are three extremely important skills that professionals in an interview want to demonstrate because they can make or break a job interview.

As we begin to enter the professional world, it is important to keep all of these points in mind. You don’t want to be the person who misses out on their dream job because of a silly mistake. Remember to always double and triple check your documents for these types of errors. Even if you are sure everything is correct, look them over anytime that you are preparing for an interview. Breaking into the professional world can be tough. You want to be sure that you are presenting yourself in the best possible way!


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