Anticipated Application of CUPID Associate Experience

This upcoming summer, I am serving as an editorial intern for the Life Sciences department at John Wiley & Son, Inc., a book publishing company in Hoboken, NJ. I am honored and excited to take part in Wiley’s internship program. I know that it will be a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the industry that I am eager to join upon graduation, as well as learn more about myself on a professional level.

I have really always aspired to go into book publishing, but when I pictured what this career would mean for me, I did not by any means imagine the Life Sciences department, but rather children’s books or fiction novels for young adults. I was initially very hesitant about my position as a Life Sciences editorial intern. But then I began to think about the incredible opportunity this would mean in terms of putting what I have learned throughout my academic career as a Professional Writing and Rhetoric major. Rhetoric is all about effective communication, and I have the ability to incorporate rhetoric in my internship everyday as an editorial intern for Wiley. While I am not by any means an expert on Life Sciences, this does not mean that I will be unsuccessful in my communication. I have learned what it means to write effectively, and the importance of incorporating rhetorical strategies in my communication. I know that I will be able to use many of these strategies each and every day as an editorial intern.

I have been told that an important component of my internship is communication via phone and email with the authors of the scientific journals I will be working with – so in other words, doctors. This initially intimidated me, but now it just brings me excitement. As a PWR student, I am eager to test my abilities in terms of communication, both written and spoken. I am eager to communicate with these professionals and do my very best to aid them in effectively communicating with their readers. I know it will be an eye opening and exciting experience, and I am very much looking forward to it.

While I am very excited about the content that I will be working with this summer, I am also eager to get started communicating and collaborating in the work place. Throughout the semester, one of the most important concepts that we have worked with as associates is collaboration. Chelsea and I collaborated with Dr. Pope Ruark and each other to ensure that we would effectively and appropriately reach our audience. I know that I will use my knowledge on effective collaboration strenghtened within my experience as a CUPID Associate to benefit me as an intern. Between collaborating with other interns to create a final project at the end of my experience, as well as communicating with my mentors, or professionals in the editorial department that serve as a resource for me throughout my time at Wiley, I know that the collaborative skills that I have developed will benefit me.

Overall, I know that my work as a CUPID associate will unquestionably make my experience at Wiley even more effective and enjoyable. I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds, and sharing with you all even more so during and after my internship experience just how PWR as contributed to my intern experience.

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