The Good News- Clever use of camera work. I loved the rotation at the beginning. I also love the black/white/gray scale everything has. It is difficult to balance that with emotion but feel like it works well. The final zoom in shot is brilliant and dramatic.

Hounds of Flesh- The blind guy is wonderfully done. I love how we walks at an angle towards off screen as he approaches the ‘dog’. Even though you don’t see him fall down the stairs, it is obvious to the viewer that is what happened. Instead of a close up, this one ends by pulling back on the scene. It conveys a nice different type of dramatic setting.

Pizza Sangre- Great opening shot. It is pretty irresponsible to leave the car door open. Also, why did he park so far away? Did the dog live??? (Inquiring minds want to know!) This was my least favorite of the three. I found it to be a little disappointing compared to the other two. I love the camera movements as he gets shot. It establishes that distance and flow and height. But now I’m left with more questions I don’t know the answer to. Are more of these to follow? I hope so.

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