Short Films

I watched Soldiers first and Wow. One of the most powerful two minutes of film that I have watched. At first the camera angles and use of color with the soldier lends itself to him being at the cemetery with his mother. When the soldier behind him pushes him towards his mother, my first thought was he was a brother that had passed away in the war based on him being blurred. Then as the narrative takes Michael to point of speaking and his mother was not directly responding – not looking up at him it became very evident he was dead. The slow movement of the camera, the wide, versus close shots of the faces really creates the tension and the sadness of the moment.

The second video I watched was Roof. The film used closeups and black and white footage to really create a somber, dire mood at first. Then as the dialogue increased, the tension grew more to anger between the characters. The techniques of showing side angles of the two who fought really shows the closeness of the group, as they try to handle the stress of the moment in their own individual ways.

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