Pica Towers

First of all the creators are pretty dark individuals – at least with these short films they are. But I loved the videos, nonetheless. In the first video the narrative presents the character opening the door as perhaps the villain – the same character that was raising the other animated entity to the ceiling shackled in chains. After opening the door the second time to find the nun/priest-like character fall to the floor with a knife in its back, followed by the change in its eyes – the showing if fear – there was clearly other dark entities present. The ability to show a storyline with such depth in such a short amount of time is pretty impressive.

Not quite sure what to make of the second video. Clearly it is a representation of a dog and its blind owner, but at first glance I thought the dog had died just prior to the blind character finding the walking stick. The end clarified that situation with the dog-like creature scurrying into the vent. The use of camera angles and decisions of when each shot should be present really began to tie the first video to the second. The shot that brought the viewer back to the site of the stabbing shows the conjoined aspect of this series. The sound of the gunshot was foreshadowing to the final video.

The final video reveals a “leader” if you will of the “family” or whatever you might want to call the two characters that appeared to be working in tandem. The scene following the shot where the second character enters the room and yanks the gun away from the other showed a real father-son like / or adult-child like relationship. I almost got that the shooter was young and finding joy in the murders.

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