Thirty Conversations

There are definitely some interesting viewpoints in the Thirty Conversations on Design series. Thanks to my Tony Hawk fandom as a kid, and the memory of how much I loved the deigns on his skateboards, I immediately went to his video. It’s no wonder he is so successful with his current career path. His primary message about design is in relation to Apple’s philosophy of matching functional with beauty. For so long, design featured one or the other, at least in most cases. In his opinion, Apple products are a great representation of the two being combined. What do you take from that? For me, it’s that one should never be taken into consideration without the other – budget pending – but despite the commonsense notion he is presenting it’s still something worth taking note of.

Peter Docter brought a unique prospective into the process by taking the story into consideration as design. I have never looked at it from that perspective either, but when you look at the definition Docter presents, it makes complete sense.

“Design is the purposeful arrangement of elements to produce an intended reaction in the viewer.”

The third video I watched featured Ze Frank. Interesting take on the subject of designs … “This is a glorious age for designers because we’re finally getting feedback and we can see how the choices we make in our work are affecting the people that consume that work.”

Social media has presented that opportunity for immediate feedback on how design effects those that use it. For that reason, design is seemingly improving as a whole due to the ability of designers being able to react to responses being presented by consumers.

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