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Before this class I used to just look at things and decide if I thought something was appealing to me or not – didn’t think much about the layout, the font, and the little details. I now notice that I pay more attention to mobile websites, to their color scheme and the information that they put on their site.  I get frustrated now if I can’t find what I’m looking for right away.  Now, I notice how much attention is put in every site – or anything that is supposed to attract users.  In creating content and graphics, the creator has to think of the user/viewer. What would please them and how to make something simple for them. It’ s a hell of a lot of work. A 30 second animation clip took me countless hours and got me to the point of wanting to bash my computer into my professor’s head.  Bottom line is, i now appreciate what I’m looking at.  I think the project that impacted me the most was the mobile interface design.  It was difficult to decided what should be put on a mobile site and what should be excluded. It was also difficult to think of what pleases the viewer and what types of viewers will look at the site…will they be visually impaired, do they have fat fingers..?

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