Studio AKA

These three shorts did a great job in telling stories in a very brief amount of time.  It’s pretty extraordinary how much character development was able to get completed with out any dialog or color.  Whoever designed the characters should get most of the credit for this because although they are very simple and a little strange, their are consistencies between all the characters that made you believe that this was a world that is actually pretty believable.

The animation is pretty phenomenal too.  To make the viewer believe that these characters were walking around on pegs is a pretty awesome effect that the animators pulled off quite brilliantly.  To go along with this the audio clips were phenomenal too.  Each step that a character took you could hear and it just worked.  A big part of the setting was set by the audio.  There was a reverb or static that was constantly playing that sounded like the Pica Towers and the characters themselves.  All in all I was quite entertained by the level of thoroughness that was brought to these pieces.

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