I have learned a lot this semester in this class. The things I learned I know I will continue to use for the rest of my career life. I have been pushed to think differently and push to go further with my work. Before this class I had never had the opportunity to take a design class so I learned a lot. I find myself seeing things very differently after taking this class. I had never noticed different type before now. I now find myself driving down the road and picking out the different type faces on bulletin boards. I was just at the airport and I noticed a really cool ad that used motion typography, this is something I never would of noticed if it wasn’t for this class.

I also learned the power of sketching things before creating them. I realized that I do better work if I just start to draw things out. I am able to notice things that I wouldn’t just having the design in my head. I will continue to use my sketch book as I move on past this class.

When designing things for interactive it is important to understand visual aspects because the interactive piece must be visually eye catching to grab peoples attention. Then one must be able to design things that are easy to use. In the terms of designing a mobile website, they must think of button size, type that is easy to read when small, and colors that pop but can be read.

This class has opened my eyes to a million more directions that I could potentially choose as my career path. Since I had no idea what typography was or motion graphics, I now have a lot of thinking to do and decide which direction I want to go. This class has shown me that I really want to go into design, I just am not sure which area of design. I could sit on my computer for hours designing a website or some motion graphics and not even think for a second that I wish I was doing something else. This class has gone above and beyond what my expectations were and I will forever remember the things that I learned.

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