Picas Towers

Picas towers are three very interesting short films. I love the fact that there is little to no talking in the short films. The only sounds you hear are sounds from the tower and closing doors. The only noises the “people” make are whimpers or you hear their footfalls. I believe that the absent of sound enhances these short films. The films are very suspenseful since there is no sound. I also really like the absent of color in these films. The white and black adds to the creepy feel that is being portrayed. I also like that they used some grainy filter to enhance the black and white feel.

The character design to these short films is very unique. I wasn’t quite sure what the characters were supposed to be. I could tell one was an old computer but the rest of them didn’t make sense to me. I understood that they were some kind of technology but that was all that I understood. The design of the characters did help we the suspense of the film. I had no way of predicting what was coming next with these characters.

Overall these short films were really awesome. The director was able to create a dark, suspenseful feel that was felt throughout the films.

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