Pica Towers

“Good News”

I enjoyed the noises the setting and atmosphere provided.  It made the movie feel more real – and a little more intense.  It definitely put me on edge.  Of course the film is in black and white, so the shots are going to feel a little bit more emotional.  There is also a strong use of the rule of thirds, which just makes things look more appealing and balanced.

“Hound of Flesh”

I liked how a lot of the scenes are from like an outsider’s perspective; we are kinda looking into the scene as a voyeur.  Another technique that we talked about recently is the development of a scene without us seeing every little step to get to that point.  For example, a 300-some step staircase is shown, but we only see our characters walk on the steps for a few brief moments.  We didn’t need to see them walk down every step to know that they walked down them all.

“Pizza Sangre”

The zoom out and panning left while the character walks away from the camera was a cool effect.  Makes the distance he walks much more dramatic.

Weird films, but I get the exploration type feel to it.  It’s a step away from the typical storytelling we are used to, but I enjoyed it.

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