Pica Towers – Jen

When I watched “Good News” I thought it was funny when the thing with the book was at the door jumping up and down with excitement and the door got slammed on its face.  The first half told a good story without using words but I didn’t understand the ending of it.

In “Hounds of Flesh,” I think a good story was told with the characters that did not talk, however I did not understand any of it. I felt bad for the blind character that got its cane taken away and fell down all of those stairs.  I didn’t understand why the dog wanted to bring the cane to the dead thing in the basement or the dead character hanging. I didn’t understand the abrupt ending.

Finally, I watched “Pizza Sangre.” I did not understand any of it. I know it told a story that I’m sure some people understand but I just didn’t get it.

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