Pica Towers

4am is a wonderful time to start watching and critiquing anything in my mind.  The Pica Towers represent the natural wonderment of curious exploration.  Each of the main characters that we follow through the shorts has a certain power/weakness to guide/distract throughout the plot.  This enables a certain connection with the subject matter where I can empathize at times with the situation.

The aesthetic nuances in these characters creates a vast world that I kept wanting to know more about.  All the mystery and uncertainty really pulls me in in the way the shots are portrayed in a third-person limited fashion.  Even though I know more that some of the characters, I definitely do not ever at any single point in time know everything about everything that is going on.  It’s good that I want to find out more, but at no point in time do I feel like I am being spoon-fed clues.

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