Pica Towers

All three short films were super cute! I love how the characters were used in each film. Each character was significant part of each and they helped make the film. Also the way the filmed ended also made me feel like there is a part 2 and the choice of font suitable for the film. However in the last film I realize that they place in a far-off secure area where nobody can find you.


The Good News

I love the way the narrative uses different types of sound for you to understand what is going on in the film. I love how the author uses black and white in the film it reminds me of the older movies before color came into the picture.


House of Flesh

The character designs are super cute! I love that they created a simple dog out of a robot. I also loved how they made blood splatter on the wall to show that somebody died. Also, the blind character is really cool because it shows that blind people in real life have strong senses and that’s how they get around.


Pizza Sangre

I love how at the beginning it is zooming in on the pizza car, the delivery guy getting out of the car, and how strong the wind is but what I don’t understand is why he got shot! Also, you can tell that when he lady came in the room that she is in charge. My question is how did the pizza guy find the place because where it looks like its located, MapQuest wouldn’t maybe to locate it!

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