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The first movie I watched from Hillman Curtis was “Roof.”  I felt that this story was told very well with limited visual effects and 3 characters.  The film making techniques laid out an easy to understand video for me.  We were given the impression that the 3 boys were on a rooftop with limited time to survive before the water level kept rising above their city. Curtis gave the viewer sounds that help tell the story of rain and thunder in the area.

The three characters showed their personalities well and gave the story emotion. One was anxious and scared, one was relaxed and carefree, and the other was calm and positive acting. I know the idea of the film was to tell a story with limited resources and it did.

The second movie that I watched by Curtis was “Bridge.“ I liked this film because it was romantic. Curtis gave the viewers the idea that a man and a woman friend, were trying out a couples exercise, because the woman’s boyfriend didn’t want to try it. I also felt that the male friend had feelings for the woman before they began this exercise but after it his feelings grew stronger as they almost kissed.  The music used was soft and set the tone for a romantic feel.

As the 2 friends finished the exercise nose to nose, I reacted, “oh no” because we knew that the girl had a boyfriend.  And I also felt that this was sweet and I could feel the male friend had strong feelings for his female friend. I think the story was told well and done nicely with limited resources.

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