Short Films

I thought these films were pretty well done, especially for evoking emotional responses and bonding with the characters even in a few minutes. I watched Embrace and Bridge in this series.

Embrace I think made sense only after reading through the description prior to viewing it. “A couple attempt to comfort each other in the face of an oncoming event.” The couple embrace each other throughout the 3:43 run time and try to calm each other down. We don’t know what exactly is about to happen but we can really feel the emotion from the two characters. I think this is best achieved by actually viewing the embrace as well as close up shots of the hands on each other’s back. These close up shots definitely show an intimacy that would not be achieved if the shots were very wide. I thought the sound effects, especially at the end did a great job in showing that something bad is about to happen. The sirens going on outside really gave a sense of urgency and sounded ominous.

Bridge had the same feel as Embrace, especially showing a connection and intimacy between two characters. Again, close up shots really emphasize the relationship between these two. There are a lot of shots showing their faces and eyes back and forth looking at each other. The actors did a good job showing these emotions and the close up shots really captured the moment. The shot that really brings it home is when there is a dolly forward into the couple as their faces touch and holding that close up shot. The abrupt ending I think helps out two leaving the audience wonder what is about to happen next with the two friends.

I think one of the best short films I’ve seen was actually a 3-minute commercial. I’m sure a lot of others in the class have seen this as well but it is a tear jerker for sure. Amazing job of telling a story and developing characters and creating so much emotion in all of 3 minutes. Very well done. Check it.

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