Short Films

The first film I watched was Roof followed by Bridge, and then Embrace.  Despite a recurring actor in each of the films, you could definitely tell each was produced by the same person.  Their was an eerie silence that was only broken by the sound of sirens or thunder or a piano.  This ominous vibe that the producers use matches perfectly with the mystery that is portrayed by the relationships of the characters and the dialogue between them.  In Roof and Embrace you have no clue as to what the dialogue means however you know there is a certain bond that the characters share so you know their words are meaningful, but only to each other.

I also noticed that this way of storytelling is perfect for a viewers imagination.  I’m sure everyone who watched roof could come up with a different scenario as to why the three men in Roof were trapped on top of a building.  This is why I liked this film the most.  It gave you hardly anything to go off of but you’re dying to know why the three men are stuck where they are.  With all this being said it sounds a lot like I’m describing one of the abstract paintings that we looked at early in the semester.  And I think its the perfect way to describe these films, they’re very abstract.

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