Troika – Motion Graphics and Broadcast Design

Since the start of the program, I’ve been researching jobs and different companies that I may want to work for post-graduation.  The question of working for a small design agency or a larger corporation crosses my mind all the time.  After getting an inside glimpse into the inner workings of Troika in Hollywood, I am beginning to think that a small design company may be the perfect fit.  What a cool company! Twenty-five employees (plus freelancers) who collaborate together to create hundreds and hundreds of motion graphics viewed almost everyone anytime they turn on a tv.  What inspired me the most in this video was how the group designs…they “chase a concept, not design trends”.  I think that’s really important, and is definitely what sets their work apart from other motion graphics companies.  They focus on the process versus the end product, and in turn end up with a great end product.  What struck me most about Troika’s employees was how much passion and excitement they have for their jobs and how down to earth they all appeared.  This definitely seems like the type of place I could envision myself working in the future if such an opportunity presented itself.  The creative team stressed design as a way to solve a problem for a client, and making this huge task manageable (especially when it’s a huge client).  The team breaks the design process up into different stages and focuses on idea creation by trying out new ideas even if they go too far.

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