Rick Morris

I love watching these types of videos because more often than not the artists’ personal views and advice are just as inspirational, if not more so, than the artwork itself. Rick Morris’ work is incredible, but I was even more affected by his approach to design and how he reflected on his past.

In the beginning of the documentary he mentioned how crucial it is to have a passion and one true love. His statement wasn’t limited to careers or relationships, but he was rather referring to the blending of the two. If you love what you do there isn’t as much of a separation between your personal and professional lives. They become one. It’s clear throughout the entire film that he lives and breathes design. He mentioned that freelancing keeps you constantly on your toes. That is such an important factor in any career I pursue because I am most productive when I am being challenged and pushed to go further with my work.

Morris discussed how inspired he was by other artists, but I think he might underestimate how his humble and down to earth personality inspires others, even in less than an hour.

I don’t know where I’ll be after this program but I can’t wait to start my career and keep building on it. Morris described his time in LA as a lasagna with many layers to go through. I hope that my experiences are that diverse and keep building on each other. “I had ammo in my hand to make something of it. It was totally up to me.”  Hopefully that will be our mentality by May!

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