Troika Design Group { creative inspirations }

The cool thing about watching the Troika documentary was their demo reel. I probably recognized about 90% of what I saw. It is interesting to see into the minds who help make such strong brand images. I liked that their creative process was a lot like mine- they are never sure what the end product should be until it is done. To have an idea what needs to be done and what its goal is. That is better to feel uneasy and take a chance on something than to creative something safe/has been done before.

Troika seems like a great place to work. The offices are cool and they really push having a creative culture. Beyond that they really seem to help nurture and grow individuals. Some people don’t like collaborative work but I think it is a good way to learn and make something unique. I think Powell 2nd floor kind of has this feel to it as well.

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