I love competition

For anyone who says that not everything is a competition…they are wrong.  Once a design is public, it subject to waves of critique and judgement.  This kind of critique from peers and outsiders alike really drives an individual (at least in my mind) to become better and do better with the next project.  Each design is another opportunity to stand out and maybe even build a network of people who want to commission actual paid work.

If someone says that a project is not a competition, then they are the ones who truly do not want to become known for that particular skill or trait.  I have entered my fair share of design competitions, and lost a lot of them.  Michael Bierut’s view on this is quite comforting.  As far as I can remember, the only competition I placed in was junior year of high school at the annual Virginia state Latin convention.  I got 7th, and I got extra credit for class.  It was great.

Maps are a race! 

Even maps are competitions.  It is a competition between who can read the map the quickest and get in line first and/or find the destination.  This stems from the designer knowing exactly how to portray the information in an efficient manner and have it not be seen as a design.  It is a map and serves only that purpose.  Everything in a map design has to function a singularity.  The colors, typeface, and overall balance must be perfect.  If a map is bad, then the person will get lost and they will lose the race of being punctual.

Thieves are just creative competitors

It is simple. If you think of it first because you have seen it before, then you won.  Steal, rinse, and repeat.  Public work is work seen in the public.

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