he three I ended up watching where Storytelling with Pete Docter,Bound Together and Mix It Up with Luis Fitch. For the storytelling video, one of the things I found most interesting was the use of music. Because while a story could stand on its own, knowing how to affectively design the decorations like music can make it even stronger. As creators, we need to know when to add the elements of flair to enhance or let a ‘story’ stand on its own. This was almost reinforced in the Bound Together video. This was such a simple design it didn’t need to be overly complicated. Sure you can get rubber bands in different colors but that doesn’t change its overall function. The need was clearly identified and the design reflects its understanding. And as we prepare for our fly-ins the message of cross culture communication was especially relevant. Good design should be to bring people together and help them understand better. I thought the inclusion of the molcajete was clever. Sometimes we forget the value of tradition and older techniques. Computers/food processors might help us get it done faster but is it really going to be a better quality?

“There are so many applications for really good smart design to Make our world a better place, not just add to the consumerist piles of stuff.

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