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It was interesting to see the interface of the iPhone from 2008. Even to start, I believe Apple did a great job innovating how we use a cell phone. There were some minor disadvantages such as the bottom bar in Safari taking up about 10% of the space.  However, such problems have been fixed since in the iOS design. Edward Tufte makes some good points of what is good and what is bad about the interface design but does so in the most boring way possible.

It is interesting to see how far the interface design has come today and what a change iOS 7 has been to the original design. It is certainly much more colorful than the original design and I was a little hesitant on the design at first but I like the flat UI. It would be interesting to see Edward Tufte do another video (maybe after a few more cups of coffee) on the new interface design with the new screen size and resolution too.

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