Design Conversations

I watched several of these quick videos from different people on design, and a few of their views on design.  The first one that stood out for me was from Chipp Kidd.  I had never heard of him but his name stood out to me so I was naturally forced to click.  He stressed the importance of forming an identity as a designer, and certain feel or flare to your work that is uniquely yours.  Really showcasing your unique personality in your work.  He then went on to talk about how if your work is better then you can get paid for it and drink better alcohol… but thats besides the point.  What I really took from his quick thoughts was to make your work uniquely yours.

Another story that stood out to be was the quick snippet from the skateboarding legend Tony Hawk.  He didn’t saying anything profound on design but he did say something that sparked my thoughts on another subject.  Hawk noted that he was fond of Apples designs, and how they made something elegant but complex.  This made me think about how in design its an important skill to be able to create complex designs that are visually simple to understand.

The third that stood out to me was from Pete Doctor who said his favorite design is the story.  He described how a story is also a design, and how it has a beginning, middle, end or spark, problem, and resolution.  Either way, storys in his mind are a form of design.  This made me realize their may be design in more than I realized.

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