30 Conversations with Designers

I found the original concept of the videos to be inspiring.  The idea that design could be implemented into everyday life to solve an assortment of problems, and to convene some of the greatest designers in the business to articulate what excites them about design and where they hope to see it go, was a great concept.  However, the individual videos I watched seemed to be lacking in depth and insight.  Both Tony Hawk, a revolutionary in the world of action sports and Michael Lebowitz, a giant in the ad world spent almost the entirety of their interviews speaking about how great Apple’s products are.  Meanwhile Ami Kealoha spent hers talking about how cool rubber bands are.  None of which was very informative.  The parts I did really like and wish the interviewers had expanded upon however where the concepts of where design should advance.  Kealoha’s focus on design as a means to assist in noise and light pollution to help citizens get away from the endless commercialization of society was enlightening.  Even more so was the discussion on design and transportation.  As a frequent flier over the past few years with my prior employer and someone who’s lived in both NYC and Los Angeles, I couldn’t agree more with the need for public transportation systems that are well conceptualized, well designed, and well executed to make the regular annoyance of commuting and visiting new cities a breeze while protecting our planet from continued pollution.

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