Edward Tufte: iPhone Interface Design

It’s amazing how fast technology evolves and how design trends have impacted the interface and operating system of the iPhone. When broken down into individual pieces, the changes put into place in newer versions of the operating system could be considered minor details: the display of the icons, the lock screen, the size of the images. They all seem like small factors until they are pieced together to create a new user experience.

What I found to be most interesting about this video was that the points Tufte was making are now almost taken for granted by the general public. Of course we expect our phones to be high-res. What else would they be? The advances that were so noteworthy only a few years ago are now expected from consumers. It has become the new standard and anything less would be rejected. Given that the resolution on phones is only going to improve, it is a factor that needs to be taken into consideration when designing and developing for mobile.

It was also entertaining to see someone demonstrate how to use an iPhone, because the user experience has become second nature. Even little kids can pick up a new device and immediately figure out how it works. The interfaces on mobile applications have to be intuitive and require little instruction in order to meet consumers’ expectations and assumptions.

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