Edward Tuft’s Lack of Enthusiasm is Infectious -__-

Anyone… anyone…. Bueller?

iPhones are cool, but you wouldn’t know it based on Edward Tuft’s astonishingly bland description of the original iPhone’s information resolution.

He has some valid suggestions, such as decreasing the border around thumbnail photos to one pixel (which Apple eventually applied),  and a transparent “button bar” in Safari (though I think you could simply hide it and have it reappear with a simple touch, which is how the Chrome app works).

However, his comments about the Stocks app were irritating.”Cartoon-y” is not at all how I would describe the app (colorful, perhaps, but that isn’t a bad thing), and if anything, cartoons and cartoonish (yes, it’s “cartoonish,” not “cartoon-y”) graphics can have crisp, clear resolution.  I would also never associate “cartoon resolution” with “Excel resolution,” or anything Microsoft Office-related (except clippy– he was an unfortunate accident we would all very much like to forget).

“Cartoon Resolution” and “Excel Resolution” are not the same thing…


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