Stuff … bottled water.

The video on bottled water would typically bore me long before the actual point trying to be made was ever brought forward. It’s not necessarily the most engaging topic. The use of the sketches/drawings is clever and attention grabbing.

The sketches supplement the rhetoric and drive home the point in a much stronger, and in some aspects a more aggressive way. We are a very visual society and though a video of live footage might have worked in this video, the use of the infographics and the overall concept creates a much more engaging experience.

The animation seems to hold viewers’ attention much better. In my case, I am more apt to remember the message with these drawings than I otherwise would. It drives home the point that the belief bottled water is a better source than that of the tap is north more than an act of deception.

I felt like the simplicity, clean-feel of the site, as well as the video promotes an idea they are acting only for the global good. I also get a sense of legitimacy from the way in which the video is presented with the infographics and the use of simple, basic colors.

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