The Story of STuff

This video was very interesting, but honestly the woman bugged the hell out of me.  I’ll side step my criticism of her horrid hair and outfit to criticize her presentation.  I don’t know what I expected, but I didn’t see this being a video about the environment.  I agree with the facts but not with the way she presented them.  First of all, I didn’t know breast feeding is toxic, that blew my mind.  She proceeds to talking about how we all suck, and everyone is mean and how we’re killing the planet and killing other countries to get what we want to satisfy us.  She talks about how materials don’t only get wasted, but people and communities get wasted as well. She says that her radio for $4.99 did not cover the production cost and that it should be a lot more for materials and to pay the 15 year old boy who build it in Mexico. Of course she also mentioned how the workers in our country don’t get paid well and stupid shit like that.  As i stated before, I agree with the content but she just seems like she’s trying too hard to make it seem like we have it bad.  Yes, Walmart workers may not get paid well…but that does not reflect other jobs out there.  Walmart has that reputation, therefore the people who work there were well aware of what they’re getting into and still made that decision.  The woman makes it sound like people are just out to destroy other people. Perceived obsolesce?? Surprised me.

It’s crazy that 1% of our products turn into trash within 6 months. I found that hard to believe.

The thing I disagreed most with was her argument about commercials and ads.  She had a pessimistic view on everything. Granted, what she’s saying is true but she’s presenting it with such a frickin negative twist.  “Whats the point of an ad except to make us unhappy about what we have?” She could have phrased it differently…maybe stating that ads help us achieve something we’ve been looking for.  They can point out what we’re unhappy about, but they also help us find what we want and need to get us happy.  We’re not that impressionable.

Thankfully this woman said to continue recycling. I was ready for something shooting down recycling. She says we’re changing climate and declining happiness. Oh my Ggggg..give this woman a shot of tequila and show her how life can be good too.


The video itself was done well, I liked the drawings cause it made it easier to follow her points.  She spoke clearly.. i guess. The website was cool and organized.

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