The story of us…

Hundreds of years from now, a little girl leaps onto her mothers lap prepared to hear a story. Her mama always told the best stories, just like her mama’s mother and her mama’s mother’s mother used too. Throughout the generations stories have been passed down about the old world and the little girl looks trustingly up into her mama’s smiling face and waits for the first words.

What will the mother say? How will our time, our world be remembered? Will it begin with, “after the great war” OR “once the climate reset”? How will we leave the world for our children or for our children’s children?

Firstly, these videos hold a precious message. The message is a old one, however Gandhi put it best, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. That little girl might be a fiction and so far removed from us that we can’t even comprehend our choices effecting her, but they do. What we do now, right now, effect that fictional little girl because she represents all little girls looking into their mother’s eyes waiting to hear about the world that used to be.

Funnel back to this time right now and take a look around. See the issues, don’t ignore them. This website brings some of these issues to light and does it in a entertaining and poignant way. We have so many problems to face, sometimes it can seem overwhelming. However, I love how this website and these stories help concentrate the issues, gives the facts, and helps people understand. I’ve always been a visual learner and the graphics help connect well known imagery with a symbolic meaning like this photo that helps explain the difference of citizen versus consumer power by showing a easily understood visual representation.


However, my favorite aspect of these videos is fun motion graphics. I love how they tell a story from these stick figures. It is well done and fun to watch. That mixed with the message, I couldn’t be more in love with this website.

It has actually inspired me for my capstone. I would love to do something like this for global climate change or fair-trade, two issues close to my heart, to help raise awareness. Maybe even team up with a organization to create something that is not only visually entertaining and informative but useful and relevant to the cause.

I hope when that little girl sits down for her story that the story of us, is one of hope, change and peace. We just need to always remember to, Be the Change!

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