It’s a little easier to figure out what a class like this is going to entail, as opposed to a course that’s more theory-heavy. If it’s anything like my undergrad design courses, there will be a lot of critiquing. What looks good/bad? Why/why not? Especially given Prof. Motley’s experience, though, I’d imagine we will cover many more general art concepts than I have been exposed to in prior classes, which I’m looking forward to.

Most of my design knowledge is self-taught, to be honest. At Emory & Henry, our most basic design class was required for all MassComm majors and minors, but the school incorporated it into the new core curriculum as an option for meeting an “arts” requirement. That said, during my time at E&H, the class became flooded with students who did not take it seriously, because they were pre-med, political science, or other unrelated majors just trying to fill the requirement. So, the class wouldn’t get as involved and deep into the material as it used to.

I’m excited that we’ve already looked into design that’s more geared toward the web and other new media. At E&H, we focused a lot on newspaper and magazine design.

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