Andrea’s Expectations

On a grand scale, I hope that this class will help teach me how to become a become a better problem solver as it relates to interactive media.  As a problem solver, I want to better understand the design principles that are associated with “great design”, what traits make something like a website stand out over other websites, and how to properly use the interactive platforms that we have in place today to deliver information.  After this program, I am hoping to work in the corporate world as a designer, working my way up to a position like Art Director, and then later opening my own company.  I think it is very important in any kind of managerial position, to know how to use the technology at hand that designers are using to relay information to the user in order to be able to create newer, better ideas (that will be created from these ever-evolving technologies).  I believe that this class will give me a solid base as far as design principles – which can change with time, but for the most part are a set of rules or guidelines that will continue to be important for many years to come.

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