Peer Review – Activities Shared by Faculty

Apr 14 2010

Peer Review – Activities Shared by Faculty

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  • Paula Rosinski:
    • Lately I’ve been using the Evaluation Criteria for peer-response – so in groups they read and make comments based on how well the Evaluation Criteria are being met. I also use the Writing Center model, instructing the writer to select 2 or 3 things they want feedback on.
    • The peer-response to a Writing Center Report (attached) is very specific to the assignment, but I try and change up how we do peer-response in class (not only for diverse learners but for students who are going to be future teachers).
  • Paula Patch :
    During most of our peer review sessions, the students refer to and use the grading rubric for the assignment, which is useful for several reasons:

    • They are using the same criteria to assess their work and their peers’ work as I will use to assess the product. They have no excuse for not understanding the expectations for the assignment.
    • On that note, if they don’t understand the expectations as they are written on the rubric, this is a good time to ask me questions about it.
    • The rubric stands in for me in the role of assessor.
  • Jessie Moore:
    I ask students to practice collaborative writing strategies, using digital literacy tools, while developing expectations for peer response participation in the class for the remainder of the semester. (See attachment for the Revson Digital Literacies Project version of this activity, as well as a sample document created by one of my classes.)

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