Benefits of Student Reflection on Writing

Feb 13 2008

Benefits of Student Reflection on Writing

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Focus on Process
Connection to Obj. 1: Reflection tasks often encourage students to consider the steps they have taken to complete a product. In essence, these types of reflective assignments prompt explicit examination of the student’s own writing process, its strengths, and its challenges.

    Focus on Rhetorical Strategies and Situations
    Connection to Obj. 2: Reflections also facilitate continued examination of the purpose and audience for a text. By considering the rhetorical choices they made, students have an opportunity to track successful rhetorical strategies and to consider how their choices vary from rhetorical situation to rhetorical situation.

      Focus on Capacity of Writing
      Connection to Obj. 3: By considering the impact of their text on their audience and the effects of their rhetorical choices, students have a chance to examine the capacity of their writing to evoke change – even if it’s “just” by changing their audience’s understanding of a concept.

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