Textbook Resources for Teaching Writing Process Strategies

Apr 11 2007

Textbook Resources for Teaching Writing Process Strategies

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  1. Meeting of Minds devotes two chapters to revising and editing, in addition to providing integrated strategies for revising that are tailored to each chapter. The revising chapter includes a variety of activities students can try and explains why they are helpful for some writers. The strategies are categorizes as “revising for compelling ideas,” “revising for unity and form,” and “revising for voice and tone” (Chapter 11).
  2. The “Guide to…” feature in several chapters of Everything’s an Argument include questions for response; these tailored questions could be used for self-assessment or peer review to prompt revision and editing.
  3. Work in Progress includes chapters on “Strategies for Managing the Revision Process” and “Strategies for Revising Structure and Style.” A chapter on “Understanding the Writing Process” also offers tips for identifying the writer’s own process and for using technology.
  4. Classical Techniques and Contemporary Arguments describes revision as “a natural and welcome part of the writing process” (146). The text introduces rhetorical terms to talk about writing and uses those terms throughout. The authors also integrate peer revision questions that support student revision and editing.
  5. Both versions of The Thomson Handbook include strategies for managing the writing process, conducting research, citing sources, presenting information, writing with technology, and editing for style.

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