Portfolio Assessment

Nov 08 2006

Portfolio Assessment

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Reasons for Using Portfolio Assessment

  1. Assesses writing after semester-long development
  2. Encourages student-management of revising and editing processes
  3. Supports student reflection on writing processes

Strategies for Implementing Portfolio Assessment

  1. Models
    • Semester-long portfolio: Select x out of y projects for grading
    • Extended project portfolio: Combine related projects as one unit/project
  2. Early introduction of requirements (handout from A Work in Progress)
  3. Draft due dates and integrated peer review
    • Specific to certain assignments
    • Open for student selection
  4. One-on-One or Small Group Conferences
  5. Clearly articulated evaluation criteria; rubrics
  6. Texts that support portfolio assessment

Pros/Cons of Portfolio Assessment


  • Delays assessment until instructor has provided more direct instruction in writing
  • Encourages self-reflection and self-assessment by students
  • Supports reflection on the writing process (facilitating course objectives)
  • Facilitates student management of a larger writing project


  • Articulating mid-semester grade can be challenging
  • Grading can be time-intensive at the end of the semester

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