Invention Activities

Sep 13 2006

Invention Activities

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Sticky Note Activity : Brainstorm or take notes on sticky notes. Post sticky notes on poster board, grouping and regrouping to identify connections and possible organizations.

    Ideas from A Meeting of Minds (p. 50):

        • Open-ended strategies:
          • Brainstorming
          • Sketching with visual clues/organizers
          • Talking with others
        • Systematic strategies:
          • Asking questions
          • Testing the opposition’s perspective
          • Collecting information from multiple sources (archival and field)

      Ideas from University of Texas, Substantial Writing Component Resources

          • Listing
          • Mapping (See a range of examples at
          • Diagrams


          • Contrast: How the subject resembles or differs from other items in its class
          • Variation: How much and in what ways the subject could change without losing its essential characteristics
          • Distribution: How often and in what places the subject can be observed
          • Particle: Distinct features of the subject
          • Wave: How the subject changes over time
          • Field: Considers the different parts of the subject and how they interact as parts of a whole


            • Limited Diagram functions in MS Word
              (Insert à Diagram à Choice of Organizational Chart, Circle Diagram, Radial Diagram, Pyramid Diagram, Venn Diagram, or Target Diagram)
            • Extensive options in MatchWare OpenMind


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