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Credit Suisse Trip

Today we visited the Credit Suisse Raleigh Center of Excellence. This company is a bank that deals with wealth management, shared services, private banking and investment banking. Their headquarters is located in Zurich Switzerland and is where the bank started. They focus mostly on large investments and wealthy clients. They have over 530 offices in 50 countries and have 46,400 … Continue Reading

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VF Jeanswear

Today we visited the VF Jeanswear company. Prior to the visit I had never heard of the company, I had always assumed that brands such as Wrangler, Lee and Riders were completely independent companies. From the moment we walked in it was a highly educational experience. Because the facility wasn’t a factory we did not have a tour this led … Continue Reading

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Today we took a trip to the Sandvik factory and got to experience a very interesting tour. Sandvik is a world leading high-technology engineering group that manufactures advanced alloys and ceramic materials. Their products are used in many industries such as; industrial tools, mining tools, and construction. Sandvik prides itself on the quality of their product, they make the best … Continue Reading

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Elon University

Today we had a unique opportunity to get information on the behind the scenes work that goes on at Elon. I was personally amazed to see how much goes into running a University and how many departments it takes. Our speaker today was head of the technology department at Elon and had seventy two people working under him. Elon is … Continue Reading

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Honda Power Equipment

Today we had a very insightful tour and presentation at the Honda Power Equipment factory. This was my personal favorite tour with a real “How’s It Made” feel. We got to see an engine built from start to finish and even got to see them test them. The factory itself was very well kept and seemed to be functioning wonderfully. … Continue Reading

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The SAS facilities was hands down the largest and most technologically advanced place we have visited so far. It being the world headquarters their was literally a campus, they had over nine hundred acres and twenty two buildings on site. The buildings themselves were very high tech and had a solid atmosphere once inside. The service that SAS offers is a … Continue Reading

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Center for Creative Leadership

Today we had the privilege of visiting the corporate headquarters of the Center for Creative Leadership. This company is a non-profit organization that focuses on top-tier executive education. They obviously have a single concentration on leadership development and train individuals to become the leaders that they aspire to be. This company focuses on people who are mostly already in a position to … Continue Reading

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Proximity Hotel

Today we visited the luxurious Proximity Hotel. Right off the bus we were able to notice the pristine condition that the hotel had been in. The hotel had a very contemporary feel and was fairly expensive. At the Proximity they take pride in their sustainability and eco friendliness. They spend a lot of time and money on their image and we were able to … Continue Reading

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Glen Raven

Today we had the pleasure of a very thorough and extensive visit at the local Glen Raven factory. This company offers the service of dying and finishing performance textiles. They have adapted vastly since the fall of textile production popularity in the Burlington area. They saw that the industry was dying and instead of competing for the lowest price they chose a different … Continue Reading

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LabCorp is a global corporation that focuses its industry around medical testing. Their mission as a large corporation is to execute the behind the scenes work that doctors rely on for medical tests. They have a large roll in full continuum of health care delivery and they focus on prevention and wellness monitoring. LabCorp also assists the diagnosis process for doctors … Continue Reading

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