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Oct 01 2012

The Chronicle of Higher Education

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Stay up to date with the events, people and issues in higher education with
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Belk Library’s online subscription lets you:

  1. Read the current issue, including premium content
  2. Read individual issues for the previous six months
    — go to
  3. Search The Chronicle’s archives back to 1989
    — enter search terms in the “Search The Chronicle” search box at the top of each page

You can also:

  1. Receive daily or weekly emails on different topics
    — learn more at
    — create the required free account using your Elon email address
  2. Download issues to your iPad to read at your convenience
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Here’s how to get started:

  1. On campus, go directly to
  2. Off- campus, log in to your Chronicle account at to view all content
  3. If you don’t have a Chronicle account, log in to your email to establish your Elon online credentials and then go to

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