Belk receives books about Japan

Jan 25 2010

Belk receives books about Japan

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Belk Library has enhanced its support of globalization with the addition of 100 books on contemporary Japanese culture, awarded by the Nippon Foundation following a successful grant application. Three hundred libraries and universities world-wide were chosen to participate in the program. The awarded books are currently on display in the library.

As part of its program to broaden the knowledge and understanding of Japanese culture, the Nippon Foundation asked ten experts with extensive knowledge of Japanese culture to identify 100 authoritative books about Japanese popular culture. These 100 books examine the country from every angle: politics and government, business, history, literature and the arts, and society and culture.

Most of the books are recent publications, but some older classics were included to give a better appreciation of Japan’s historical background. The foundation’s goal is that “a serious, concentrated reading of these 100 books will add up to an extensive education on the topic of modern Japan”.

A complete listing of the 100 books with accompanying summaries is provided on the Nippon Foundation’s website. Click here for a list of the books with their library call numbers.

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